Saturday, March 04, 2006

CMYK magazine

Hey everybody:
I picked up a CMYK magazine at Barnes & Noble last night. (they don't carry it @ Schuler's) It seems Kendall is missing out on a issue-ly competition for students. Here's the stuff:
Every issue you can submit up to 15 slides, transparencies or high quality color copies for $45.00.
The next postmark date is March 10, next friday. While I assume this isn't enough notice for most people, keep in mind that this happens every issue, so no matter when you send it, it should be considered for the next issue.
College for Creative studies in Detroit has several pieces in the winter issue...and I know KCAD illustrators can represent 100x better, so let's do this!
Here's the site: you can look at issues without spending the $8.50 for the hard copy and download PDFs with competitions for students.
You get national recognition for this...and if you play the game, you might just win!


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