Friday, March 03, 2006


Right now I'm getting things ready for a few diffent competitions and shows.
Two semi-local competitions are

Muskegon Museum of Art, Regional
you can get more info at

I've never entered this one be fore and am not sure if I 'm going to this year, it seems pricing (30.00/ 2 pieces, plus the traveling to drop off and pick up) and with the other options I'm just not sure about it.

Festival of the Arts in Grand Rapids
more info at

I entered this last year on made it in. It was a great experiance. I'm definately entering this one.

Bodies of Art
more info talk to me or Drue McPherson

This is the largest collaboritive show for Kendall, all majors are encouraged to enter and it's free!!

So there's some info. I'm also appling for a show in the student gallery this fall, so I'm super busy, oh and school work too.

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Blogger CandaceT1 said...

FYI for all you art junkies: You can get entry forms for Festival of the Arts and Muskegon Regional at Service Reproduction or by calling. Jon McDonald has Regional Entry forms on his desk.Usually someone drops off Festival entry forms by the student mailboxes downstairs.

11:37 AM  
Blogger ArtIsForever said...

I've been hearing about this Bodies of Art show, but have no idea what or who it's about. Just wondering if I can get some info. Thanks.

4:55 PM  

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