Monday, April 17, 2006

Illustration Student gets Mural Job

This is a mock-up of a mural that Arturo Araujo will be doing for Lee High School Rebels which is in the Grand Rapids Public School District. Congratulations Arturo, for landing such a BIG job.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spike Lee, Ang Lee, Michelle Lee, Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee.

5:02 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

At first I thought it was weird when I had to put on that blue suit and punch through walls for Churs' photo ref. But he did my body justice. Except for the stash, which I don't have.

7:38 PM  
Blogger Justin said...

Do you happen to have Arturo's email address? I would appreciate it if you could forward it to me.

I'd like to congraduate him.

Apparently the school board didn't like that the final piece differed slightly from the sketch but I think the final piece looks WAY better than the sketch. The sketch is kind of "comic" looking but the final guy looks GRADE A BAD-ASS!

Glad they actually paid the guy for his work today.

11:37 PM  

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